Spetsnaz OMON - Faith And Honor Above All Else

Police OMON (Detachment Special Purpose).
The first 19 riot Police were created 3 October,1988 - during the period of perestroika in the USSR,when started growing instability in society and,consequently,increased the likelihood of riots. Riot police initially existed in the 12 cities of the three republics of the USSR (including Moscow,Leningrad,Minsk,Riga),after the collapse of the Soviet Union from all Russian cities riot was only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Later,riot police began to appear in other major cities of Russia (Nizhny Novgorod,Novosibirsk,Yekaterinburg,and others.). By the end of the 1990s,OMON units already existed in all major cities of Russia,not only in the cities of regional importance,but almost every city has a population of over 500 thousand people.
During the armed conflict in the North Caucasus,almost all the regional OMON fought there,performing Anti-Terrorist Operations