Top 10 Great Indie Games | Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2022

Hey there! The video was originally made for my @nerdicelf channel, but i've decided to move it here and keep 2nd channel just for streams. Have fun watching! If you're tired of big-budget commercial projects, whose creators always follow the same path, and do not allow themselves to make experiments with gameplay, it's time to switch your attention to indie games. This year had a lot of successful releases from independent developers, and we've included the best of them in our Top 10. And a quick disclaimer - all of these games are amazing! Don't pay attention to their places in the issue and just play the games you like. All that matters is your gaming experience! But before we get started: over 90% of the channel's viewers watch the issues without a subscription, which is really demotivating. But it's up to you, if you like my videos, feel free to click the like button and subscribe to the channel. Make yourself comfortable, warm yourself up with some delicious tea and enjoy watching. Episodes: 00:00 Intro 00:50 Neon White 01:25 Sifu 02:03 We Were Here Forever 02:35 OlliOlli World 03:06 Tunic 03:41 Tchia 04:12 Serial Cleaners 04:49 Cult of the Lamb 05:28 Stray 06:08 V Rising 06:44 Outro #indie #indiegame #indiegames
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