How to film a car chase with a child - Behind the Scenes Day Shift Netflix #movie #film #shorts

Thank You for watching! Subscribe me! How to film a chase with a child - Behind the Scenes Day Shift #movie #film #shorts Sometimes in movies you have to shoot stunts with child characters, like this car chase in the movie Day Shift. Of course, you can't put a real child in a dangerous situation. A rig based on the Motion Base Set was used to create this moment along with live footage. As you can see, one person from the special effects team controls the movement of the car, while the second person stands next to the structure to visually monitor the process. This is required for safety reasons. Basically, an expensive and realistic dummy was used to film the chase, replacing the child actor. And the dummy was used not only for long shots, but also for close-ups during the dialogues, when everything was shaking and the viewer could not see the details. By the way, notice that the wheels of the truck on the rig are not turning. Looks like the movie crew decided not to spend extra money on that. Still, their movement can easily be created by the vfx team.
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