Top 10 Best New Movies on Netflix 2023, Week 1 | Most Popular Netflix Original Movies

Thank You For Watching! Subscribe me - Important: The video is based on the official rating. I should note that at the time the issue was created it did not yet contain recently released movies. I've decided to start compiling lists of the most popular from the beginning of the year, and hope to catch up with the premiere schedule soon. Sign up and stay tuned - there's more to come! Detective stories, a fantasy musical, a drama about finding your dreams, a complicated investigation, and more in today's episode. Hello everyone and welcome to my ShadowTavern! In this episode I have 10 popular Netflix movies released in the first week of this year! Make yourselves comfortable, and have a great time watching. Episodes: 00:00 Intro 00:16 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (Netflix) 44.3 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 7.2 01:10 The Pale Blue Eye (Netflix) 42.9 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 6.4 02:02 Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical (Netflix) 17.5 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 7.1 02:48 White Noise (Netflix) 14.3 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 5.7 03:44 The Invitation (Netflix) 12.2 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 5.3 04:37 The Kings of the World (Netflix) 3.9 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 7.1 05:16 Troll (Netflix) 3.6 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 5.8 06:03 God's Crooked Lines (Netflix) 3.4 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 7.0 06:51 The Big 4 (Netflix) 3 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 6.1 07:57 7 Women and a Murder (Netflix) 3 mm. watch hours | IMDb: 5.4 08:47 Outro ============= #netflix #netflixfilms #netflixmovies Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Original Movies 2023, Week 1 | Best Netflix Original Movies | New Films On Netflix
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