The Amazing CGI Trick That Saved Gladiator #shorts

Thank You for watching! Subscribe me! During the production of the epic historical drama Gladiator, the filmmakers faced a significant challenge when one of their principal actors, Oliver Reed, died unexpectedly. Reed played the role of Proximo, a former gladiator and mentor to the film's protagonist Maximus. Reed died during a break in filming, and His sudden death left the filmmakers with a major problem, as they had not yet finished filming all of his scenes. To work around this problem, the script was rewritten to have Proximo sacrifice himself to the Praetorian Guard. Ridley Scott then had a stand-in replace Reed for certain sequences, filming the stand-in from behind to obscure face. Unused footage of Reed was also digitally edited and inserted into the movie when a frontal shot was needed. Reed's death was a tragedy, as he was a talented actor who had worked hard on the movie. However, the filmmakers were able to adapt and complete Gladiator, which became a critical and commercial success.
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